Who remembers the famous Chloe Paddington bag?

Chloe Paddington Bag

For me that was truly an “It Bag”. I wanted it so badly, and I saved up my money for months. It seems surreal to think that was back in the early 2000’s, which is when bags really became my obsession. I remember when the bag was delivered, the leather and how incredibly heavy it was with all of my stuff in it. My friend would comment that it was ridiculous to carry such a bag, even one so attractive. She would pick it up and say, “How can you even take this shopping with you, it weighs a ton”. I was never and will never be a function before fashion kind of gal. There are just too many beautiful things in this world to be had in terms of wearable fashion that is not comfortable. I will not give them up! besides, I have yet to meet a bag that is heavier than my Jimmy Choo Rosabel bag when fully stuffed.

Chloe Paddinton Bag

I had to retire my Paddington after 8 years or so of use (I tend to keep my bags for quite a while since I baby them), it was getting so worn out and obviously looked pretty dated at that point. I reluctantly put her to rest. I never lost my love for that bag, I miss it, as I do the Marc Jacobs Stam. The Stam was one of my other loves. I switched between those two so often during those years.

I am the nostalgic type, so when the Dior Saddle bag made its reappearance, I honestly thought of my Paddington and whether or not other designers would follow suit in resurrecting some of their iconic style from years past. So present day, I get an email From Neiman Marcus…………..about this new Chloe bag………….which is not exactly the Paddington, but more the elegant big sister.

Oh, sigh, the new Chloe Aby Medium Day Bag

Chloe Aby Medium Day Bag $2,390

I am so in love with this bag. It is the Paddington re-imagined with new life and depth. First, it is definitely more of a structured look, which aligns so with my style. I imagine the leather will soften, as is indicative of Chloe’s leather bags. There is so much detail, while still being understated. The little chain hanging from the padlock has to be the loveliest touch. It is absolutely Chloe at their best.

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