Facial oils continue to hold their place as the most popular skincare treatment on the market. There are now literally hundreds to choose from and options for every skin type.

So which one do you choose? The first thing you want to look for is the ingredients. The most potent and effective oils are going to be the ones that are 100% natural, cold pressed and unrefined, with no chemical additives or silicones. Josie Maran Argan Oil is a perfect example, which is why I have been a dedicated user for years.

There have been several new products from her line over the years (I use her cleansing oil, scrub and honey body balms religiously), but her newest product knocks all other oils I have tried out of the park!

The new Argan Reserve Healthy Skin Concentrate is literally liquid gold! The holy grail of pure facial oils. Unlike the original oils, this concentrated is made up of other parts of the argan tree including the leaves and argan press cake.

Firstly, each bottle is signed and marked with a number indicating which batch it came from. This oil is so unique in that it it will be made in limited quantities each year when the leaves are sustainably harvested. I have bought a few bottles just to ensure I always have a backup!

I love the rich golden color and it absorbs like a dream! I use it as the last step in my skincare routine after all of my other products have thoroughly absorbed. The smell is a bit stronger than the original oil, but not unpleasant by any means, just a bit more herbal with a nutty nuance.

The results have been phenomenal! My skin has never been more smooth and radiant, which is saying something because I actually have great skin. (No not naturally! Great skin takes a ton of work, sunscreen, the right products, and a ton of water consumption!)

If you have been curious to try a facial oil for the first time, or are looking to switch what you are currently using, I recommend this one above all others!

Josie Maran Healthy Skin Concentrate Argan Oil $78


Some of my friend’s excuse(s) for not using sunscreen……’s sticky, it leaves my face oily, it breaks me out, it makes me look chalky, it smells bad. Those are some of the reasons I hear from other people as to why they do not regularly use sunscreen.

Now, I have had my fair share of issues with sunscreen as well, but that hasn’t deterred me from using it. After all, I would rather get the occasional break out or have to invest in a ton of blotting papers than have wrinkles and age spots. I have just been content with the fact that sun protection products for the face can’t always be perfect……….or can they?

Cover FX Clear Cover Invisible Sunscreen  Broad Spectrum SPF 30 $45
Cover FX Clear Cover Invisible Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 $45

Yes they can be perfect and more! I have found the Holy Grail of sunscreens! This newest formula from Cover FX IS perfect. It is not sticky, greasy, and doesn’t leave a white cast. It has a very slight sunscreen smell, but that dissipates very quickly.


It goes on completely clear, and the best part…it acts as a face primer! It goes on smooth and absorbs within seconds. The real test obviously is how effective it is at protecting your face. Well, I went to a theme park weeks ago, I was there all day, the sun was shining, and no sunburn. SPF 30 is pretty decent for everyday. This sunscreen one ups all the others even more with its antioxidant packed formula, along with brightening and moisturizing properties. It isn’t overly moisturizing, so those of you who have the oiliest skin in the Summer but still want a little something for dry patches; this may be all you need.

The bottle is a pump, so you will not lose effectiveness from the product being exposed to oxygen.

I cannot find the words to say how much I love this stuff. It is absolutely for everyone. Even the sunscreen itself is a gentle formulation, so you will be hard pressed to find someone who will have a bad reaction to this. I even put my tried and true Perricone MD Photoplasma on the back burner!

Clear Cover wins my vote for product innovation of the year!


Chanel Nº 5 is undeniably one of the most iconic fragrances in existence. However, the fragrance simply isn’t for everyone. The dominant  notes are laid on pretty thick, and it’s just one of those fragrances that you either love or dislike.

Those who love it, appreciate the complexity and distinctness of the fragrance. (Never mind that when Marilyn Monroe was asked what she wore to bed she exclaimed, “Chanel Nº 5”).Those who dislike it…….I have heard it referred to being for the “mature” generation. I must admit, the parfum and eau de parfum tend to be a bit overwhelming for me as well. My husband has said it was one of his least favorites among my fragrance collection.

Nº 5 has been “lightened up” several times, and I believe it was done to appeal to the younger masses. I never really thought that the scent had changed all that much, except for the fragrance opened softer and dried down slightly sweeter. Now after several fine tuned releases of  the original, I have finally found my signature Chanel Nº 5 in the form of L’eau!

Chanel No. 5 L'eau $76-$132
Chanel No. 5 L’eau $76-$132

At first spray, you can immediately tell it’s Chanel Nº 5, just softer with a bit more citrus. You can get away with more than one spray! There is not as much longevity, but that just allows you to take out the sophisticated bottle again throughout the day. I carry a full size bottle of fragrance with me, unless my bag is just too small,

If you have always wanted to be that kind of woman who wears Chanel Nº 5, but you feel like you couldn’t pull it off, you have to try this newest version. It is truly lovely, modern, and classic. I haven’t stopped wearing it since I got it!



Scalp problems are the norm for most people. Dryness, itchiness, and flakiness are some of the most common problems. There are a ton of treatments on the market to help combat these issues, but some can be counter-productive.

Anti-dandruff shampoos usually contain very harsh sulfates that are not so beneficial to your hair and they can also make your dandruff worse by further drying your scalp in the long run.

Scalp oils can be a good thing, but if you already have a lot of build-up around your root follicles, the oils will only contribute to further build up and hinder the oils from penetrating.

Apple cider vinegar, tea tree and eucalyptus oils, and even beer are considered more natural treatments and they can work, but again, the problem will not resolve itself if your scalp has a lot of build-up.

The reason why I keep mentioning build-up is because that IS the biggest contributing factor to all of  the aforementioned scalp issues. Build up is caused by hair products, dry skin, and excess oil production. By the way, excess oil production can be made worse by stripping all of the natural oils from your hair; namely harsh sulfate shampoos.

So what is the best way to treat your scalp then? Brushing it! Yes by regularly brushing your scalp, you can eliminate most of the problem. Just think of it as exfoliation for your head! We all know that exfoliating is one of the most beneficial things for our skin, so it would only make sense that it would be true for the skin on our head. If you read my post about dry brushing, then this is pretty much along those same lines. I brush my scalp every few days and a little more often in the Winter since that is when my skin tends to be the driest, like most people’s.

Benefits of scalp brushing:

1. It loosens all of the dry skin flakes, and product build-up that has accumulated around your roots, thus allowing your scalp to actually breathe!

2. It stimulates blood flow and hair follicles, which will attribute to hair growth. Yes did you know that an excess of build-up could actually be why your hair is not growing so fast?

3. It will release toxins from your scalp exactly the way dry brushing does for your skin. On a side note, getting premature grey hair can in most instances be hereditary, but there is actually a theory that a build up of skin toxins in the scalp can cause healthy hair cells not to flourish, thus causing premature grey hair.

4. It will help soothe itchiness.

5. It will lessen the need to use harsh clarifying shampoos and treatments.

6. It feels wonderful! Your scalp will have a soothing and tingly sensation afterwards. It really is very therapeutic!

So how do you do it. Seriously this is so easy I want to punch it in the face! You just get a natural boar bristle hairbrush and brush your scalp! There is no one best place to start, just make sure you use long gentle yet firm strokes and cover your whole head. Also, do it before you shower and wash your hair. Now, after the first few times you do it you might freak out because of all the flakes! This is normal, do not give up. You will notice the flakes lessen over time and normalize.

After you have done your scalp brushing you can use an additional scalp treatment if you like. I love Earth’s Nectar Mint Leaves scalp oil, and there are some other great formulas from that brand.

Earth's Nectar Mint Leaves Scalp Oil $18.50
Earth’s Nectar Mint Leaves Scalp Oil $18.50 

I hope this post sheds a little more light for those of you who may have scalp issues, they can be so troublesome. I know scalp brushing has made such a difference for my hair and scalp!