Who remembers the famous Chloe Paddington bag?

Chloe Paddington Bag

For me that was truly an “It Bag”. I wanted it so badly, and I saved up my money for months. It seems surreal to think that was back in the early 2000’s, which is when bags really became my obsession. I remember when the bag was delivered, the leather and how incredibly heavy it was with all of my stuff in it. My friend would comment that it was ridiculous to carry such a bag, even one so attractive. She would pick it up and say, “How can you even take this shopping with you, it weighs a ton”. I was never and will never be a function before fashion kind of gal. There are just too many beautiful things in this world to be had in terms of wearable fashion that is not comfortable. I will not give them up! besides, I have yet to meet a bag that is heavier than my Jimmy Choo Rosabel bag when fully stuffed.

Chloe Paddinton Bag

I had to retire my Paddington after 8 years or so of use (I tend to keep my bags for quite a while since I baby them), it was getting so worn out and obviously looked pretty dated at that point. I reluctantly put her to rest. I never lost my love for that bag, I miss it, as I do the Marc Jacobs Stam. The Stam was one of my other loves. I switched between those two so often during those years.

I am the nostalgic type, so when the Dior Saddle bag made its reappearance, I honestly thought of my Paddington and whether or not other designers would follow suit in resurrecting some of their iconic style from years past. So present day, I get an email From Neiman Marcus…………..about this new Chloe bag………….which is not exactly the Paddington, but more the elegant big sister.

Oh, sigh, the new Chloe Aby Medium Day Bag

Chloe Aby Medium Day Bag $2,390

I am so in love with this bag. It is the Paddington re-imagined with new life and depth. First, it is definitely more of a structured look, which aligns so with my style. I imagine the leather will soften, as is indicative of Chloe’s leather bags. There is so much detail, while still being understated. The little chain hanging from the padlock has to be the loveliest touch. It is absolutely Chloe at their best.


With Spring right around the corner, I am getting so excited to see what designers have in store for this season!

Whilst browsing the latest at Neiman Marcus, these newest pieces from Gucci were the first to catch my eye. So much from this collection evokes such class. It combines the best elements of feminine style from so many of the best bygone eras of women’s fashion.

Gucci Patent Leather Spiked Pumps

These pumps are such a perfect mix of feminine and edgy. The heel is not too high so the would most likely be comfortable to wear most of the day.

Gucci Horsebit Leather Slingback Pumps

I am loving this classic Gucci striped pump. The horsebit buckle tastefully placed, makes this an easy pump to dress up or down.

Gucci Button Front GG Canvas Trench Coat

How beautiful is this coat? I love how there are so many details going on with this without it being overdone. The gold buttons make this even better. Gold hardware detailing lends such a richness to everything.

Gucci Pleated Technical Jersey Dress

Pretty pastel pink, perfect pleats, and vintage detailing……..assolutamente perfetto!

Gucci Suede and Metallic Leather Mini Dress

Now this is a party dress! Gold has come back in a big way and it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. This to me is like a really modern take on the flapper dress. It is truly wearable and versatile. I just don’t see what you can’t love about it.

Gucci Flora Web Wool and Silk Scarf

I am a collector of Gucci scarves. They always have so many lovely prints to choose from. If you are new to Gucci or are just starting to look at getting one of their pieces, but you maybe do not want to spend so much, any of their scarves would be a good thing to go for. Some are fairly inexpensive and start at the $200 mark.

Gucci Round Open Temple Sunglasses

Tom Ford’s Jennifer Sunglasses made me a lover of this open temple style of eye wear. These are so delicate and ultra feminine. I still remember my first pair of Gucci sunnies, and what happened to them! While at a friends house I took them off and left them on a shelf where I did not think anyone would grab them. Her kid climbed the shelf and ended up breaking them. Needless to say I was quite vexed!

Gucci Linea Rajah Large Leather Tote Bag

This bag! I don’t even know how to describe its’ perfection. That classic red stripe, the gold, and the emblem; all against a perfect cream leather backdrop. I often say that my signature red nail color is Gucci red, they perfectly match that red stripe!

The new Gucci collection definitely has me lusting for more!




Who doesn’t love a color saturated gemstone? Also, the bigger the better right? I have been so into huge gems lately, and I love that so many jewelry designers are putting them at the forefront of their collections.

One gem that I just don’t see a ton of in terms of quality is Peridot. You can find it in random department store chains, but they are not the vibrant green that you would want to look for. More times than not, the stones have a brownish hue to them, or they look dull. The finest and most color saturated Peridot comes in stones weighing over 10 carats, which is pretty rare.

That is why I have fallen in love with the Peridot pieces from EFFY! The stones in this collection all weigh in at under 3.5 carats, but they are better quality in terms of color that I have seen. If you have a birthday in August I would be pretty excited right now!



Effy 14K Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Pendant, 2.48 TCW $1,297.50

How lovely is this pendant with a halo of white diamonds?


Effy 14K White Gold Peridot and Diamond Earrings, 1.95 TCW $1,397.50

I don’t really wear drop earrings as they get tangled in my hair, but for the right occasion I would sport an updo to be able to wear these!


Effy 14K White and Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Tri Band Ring, 2.74 TCW $1,737.50

Rose gold is absolutely everywhere, and so are multiple bands. It is all over Pinterest with the multi band look. I love that these two bands match.


Effy 14K White Gold Peridot and Diamond Earrings, 2.30 TCW $1,175.00

More beautiful drop earrings!



Effy 14K Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Pendant, 2.57 TCW $837.50

I am really happy that yellow gold is coming back. I am a two-tone lover and with a diamond halo on a yellow gold background, it gives off a two-tone look.

Effy 14K Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Ring, 1.28 TCW $975.00

This is a smaller Peridot stone, but with this setting it looks much grander.

Effy 14K Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Ring, 1.74 TCW $1,347.50

The white gold rope accent reminds me of a David Yurman piece!



Effy 14K Yellow Gold Peridot Pendant, 2.09 TCW $875.00

This is the simplest design in the collection, but for those who love the minimalist look, this is perfect!



Effy 14K Yellow Gold Peridot and Diamond Pendant, 3.66 TCW $1,197.50

This is the largest single stone in the collection and by far the most color saturated. This one is definitely my pick!

Are you an August baby?


I have always considered the Fall and Winter seasons to be the most glamorous time for fashion. The first hint of a chill and I’m swapping out my favorite Tory Burch Miller sandals for my cozy UGG boots! You can be wearing jeans and a plain crew-neck, but if you throw a cashmere poncho over everything, you instantly up your glam factor ×1,000.

I say the same thing for handbags.

Croc and snake embossed prints are a MUST for Fall and Winter bags, and Brahmin does it best!

I have been a faithful lover of Brahmin bags for as long as I can remember, and this year their Priscilla Satchel has earned my unremitting adoration!

This design is beautifully crafted out of sturdy leather. I have never had a Brahmin bag fall apart on me, they stay beautiful for years and years. I love a structured handbag over any other type of bag. I hate when bags sag in the middle or start to lose their shape. There are of course exceptions to those rules, like my Neverfull MM and my Christmas gift this year (sneak peek of that to come), or my Stella McCartney Fallabella, but even those I put some sort of bag shaper inside to keep them looking their best and avoid creases. Yes, that does seem like quite a bit to go through for a bag I suppose!

No misshapen woes to worry about with this design! All of these bags come with an optional shoulder strap, there are pockets and room galore, and you get dust covers. The prints are just breathtaking! Obviously, the only problem with this bag is how do you choose your favorite?

Priscilla Satchel in Pecan Melbourne $385
Priscilla Satchel in Pecan Melbourne $385

This has been their classic color since the brand was founded. Rich browns, russet, and caramel tones make this the most un-boring neutral in existence.

Priscilla Satchel in Forest Melbourne $385
Priscilla Satchel in Forest Melbourne $385

This is a really multi-toned olive-green hue. The things about Brahmin bags are that the photos never do them justice. The craftsmanship is so much more lovelier in person.

Priscilla Satchel in Brown Rooksbury $435
Priscilla Satchel in Brown Rooksbury $435

Something about this design reminds me of Burberry. This bag was made for London!

Priscilla Satchel in Black Melbourne $385
Priscilla Satchel in Black Melbourne $385

Classic black croc embossing. This will always be a classic!

Priscilla Satchel in Stone Carlisle $445
Priscilla Satchel in Stone Carlisle $445

I am loving all of these elegant snake prints this year! This one has subtle champagne tones.

Priscilla Satchel in Natural Leighton $435
Priscilla Satchel in Natural Leighton $435

I consider taupe to be a very necessary staple in your family of neutrals. There are so may things that it goes with. I wold say I use my taupe colored bags as much if not more than my tan or beige ones.

Priscilla Satchel in Brunello Melbourne $385
Priscilla Satchel in Brunello Melbourne $385

This is a rich cocoa ombre shade. All of these bags have a subtle sheen to them. The finish is not quite glossy, but not matte either, it makes it all the more rich looking.

Priscilla Satchel in Toasted Almond Melbourne $385
Priscilla Satchel in Toasted Almond Melbourne $385

If the Pecan Melbourne is too deep of a neutral than yo are wanting, the Toasted Almond is the way to go.

Priscilla Satchel in Ironwood Melbourne $385
Priscilla Satchel in Ironwood Melbourne $385

This shade is just so exquisitely beautiful! It is the darkest brown imaginable, but the croc embossing gives it that two-toned appeal. The color is so rich!

Priscilla Satchel in Gold Sumatra $445
Priscilla Satchel in Gold Sumatra $445

Gold is what’s in this year, but if you are not wanting that bold 24K look, a more subtle champagne gold is a great option. This bag has s much character, it will make the outfit.

Priscilla Satchel in Pink Ellora $465

Brahmin always manages to make a snake-print look sophisticated, even when it is pink!

Priscilla Satchel in Pearl Dogwood $415
Priscilla Satchel in Pearl Dogwood $415

I love this print. It is so bold. I love a bag that will give that wow factor to any of my 1,000 black dresses!

Priscilla Satchel in Ivory Boracay $455

To be honest, I am not much for embroidered bags. This one is just so beautiful though. The thing I love about this one is that the embroidery is perfectly symmetrical.

Priscilla Satchel in Brown Matsue $445
Priscilla Satchel in Brown Matsue $445

This print has the most patent like finish that makes the dark brown almost look black. Lovely!

Do you see what I mean? How can you pick?


Just in case you missed the Carolina Herrera Spring 2017 show, I thought I would share it with you. I know Fall is right around the corner, but her Spring collection was just so absolutely breathtaking! She makes some of the most beautiful clothing I have ever seen. If this is any indication of what is to come for the Spring season, I am on board! Enjoy!







































I do not take credit for these images,




The shoe gods have spoken and block heel booties are this Fall and Winter season’s “It Shoe”! Now, when you get the notion to go out and look for a pair, adopt this mantra, “The blockier the better”!

This is going to be a particularly easy trend for most people to adapt to (if you haven’t already) simply because block heels are a hell of a lot easier to walk in than stilettos, especially if you have to navigate over an icy parking lot. The only drawback for me with block heels is that they usually tend to be inelegant. I love my sleek, pointy toe stiletto boots! This season however, designers have completely broken that mold and come up with several options that will fit anyone’s style. This year the block heel can be elegant, and whatever else you want it to be!


Tory Burch Sydney Ankle Boots $425Prada Sunglasses $380Michael Kors Silvertone Hoop Earrings $65YSL  Monogram Quilted Fringe Suede Shoulder Bag $1,900SEE BY CHlOÉ Flowing Blouse $280BooHoo Boutique Harriet Leather Biker Jacket $123Plein SudLlether Leggings $995

Tory Burch went with some very simplistic details with the hardware on these boots, which I love. The flowy top is what gives this look its feminine flair. Add sleek accessories and you are good to go. This is edgy street style at its chicest! Cuir avec cuir et plus de cuir!


Topshop Maria Chealsea Block Heel Boot $150/ Chloé Small Drew Bag $1930/ 14K White Gold Black CZ Earrings $30/ Nikoleta Long Sleeve Mesh and Bandage Dress

You will very soon find out that in addition to block heels, gold EVERYTHING is what’s in! Nothing goes better with gold than black. If you are going to wear such a bold boot, accent with gold stud or chain details on your outfits or handbags, but keep your jewelry minimal. In this case, your boots are your jewelry.HOW TO STYLE BLOCK HEEL BOOTIES (EMBELLISHED)

Saint Laurent Crystal Heel Booties $995/ Witchery Cable Poncho $61/ Max& Co by MaxMara Wool Blend and Silk Dress $95/ Stella McCartney Falabella Clutch $650/ Pre-owned Tiffany and Co Elsa Peretti Small Open Heart Necklace $100/ Charlotte Russe Basic 40 Denier Tights $5.99/ Roberto Cavalli Jeweled Aviator Sunglasses $315

I am seeing quite a few embellished heels, and these ones from YSL are my absolute favorite so far. The silver tones on the heels pair lovely with navy, grays, and whites. I love the cable knit poncho with the boots, and you can also dress them down with just jeans and a gray sweater.HOW TO STYLE BLOCK HEEL BOOTIES (EMBELLISHED)

Valentino Astro Couture Ankle Boots $2,145/ Woolford Opaque Tights $55/ Edun Draped Wool Wrap Dress $590/ Valentino Rockstud Lock small metallic shoulder bag $1,645/ Linda Farrow Square Monochromatic Sunglasses $570/ Portolano Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves $40

Black is my favorite thing to wear for so many reasons, but one of them is that you can effortlessly accent with the boldest pops of color. I love how the Valentimo Rockstud bags seem to match all of the new embellished Valentino boots. With all of these details, you don’t even need any jewelry.


Alexander Wang Kenze Boot $725/ Le Vian Genuine Brown Quartz and Citrine Ring $2,100/ Burberry Bag $1,155/ J Brand Midrise Skinny Jean $190/ Nina Ricci Cotton Turtleneck Sweater $545/ Victoria Beckham Supra Round Sunglasses $495/ Camel Sleeveless Coat $69

These booties from Alexander Wang look incredibly comfortable. If I was a tourist in London, this is exactly what I would want to be wearing! Burgundy is another “IT” color for the Fall and Winter, and it is becoming the new neutral to have in your closet. It really pairs with so much. You can always be sure it will go with a Burberry bag!


Jeffrey Campbell Gershon Block Heel Bootie $165/ Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Melton State Coat $380/ Shaping Skinny Jeans $50/ Equipment Cecile Cashmere Dots V-Neck Jumper $145/ Balenciage Metallic Edge Nickel City Bag $2,220/ Tom Ford Anastasia Sunglasses $149/ R.J. Graziano Goldtone Mesh Bib Necklace $45

The nice thing about block heels as I mentioned before, is that they give you more sturdy traction when you are walking. These have a platform in the front which will make them even more wearable. If you love high heels then these will be a great option for you. I think that the boots pair particularly well with an animal print. Do not shy away from animal prints! You can absolutely make them look sophisticated and chic.


Tory Burch Blossom Block Heel Bootie $450/ Diane Von Furstenberg Libby Coat $350/ Fogal Corvina Pantyhose $59/ Maison Margiela 4 Short Dress $750/ Maria Dorai Raj Silver Cuff Bracelet $305/ Burberry Black Round Sunglasses $245/ Jon Hardy Dot Silver Ball Station Bib Necklace $995

Tory Burch is definitely on a flared block heel kick! If you read one of my last articles about her new Gigi Pumps, then you know what I mean. The flared block heel is very mod, and I expect other designers will veer that way for the upcoming seasons. One of my favorite combos in terms of color is black, white, and bright blue. It makes for the perfect foundation to color block.

So, do you think you could walk a mile in my block heels?



“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”

∼ Bill Cunningham